Japanese-German Graduate Externship
Energy Conversion Systems: From Materials to Devices

JGGE Student Exchange Meeting was held. (April 19, 2023)

The 3rd JGGE Guidance & Student Exchange Meeting was held. This was the first plenary meeting of the year, and we were able to hold it face-to-face with two new program students added to the current JGGE program students. The event was held online with the JGGE program students who are currently conducting overseas research at FAU.
In the guidance, Prof.Kakimoto who is the JGGE coordinator, explained the outline of the JGGE program, and then each faculty member explained the contents of the course and pre-departure education before going to Germany. Continuing at the student exchange meeting, Prof. Martin introduced the city of Erlangen and talked about the cultural differences between Japan and Germany. After that, they were divided into groupes and actively exchanged opinions on cultural differences and information about Germany.
through the experiencing, the long-term dispatch and acceptance that began in May last year, the program students were able to exchange information based on their actual experiences, making it a very meaningful time for the new program students.

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