Japanese-German Graduate Externship
Energy Conversion Systems: From Materials to Devices

Special Talk


A special lecture by Prof. Peter Greil (FAU) was held.

The honorary doctoral title ceremony for Dr. Peter Greil of Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU Germany) was held online on March 15th in 2021.

An on-demand special lecture “Advanced Ceramics -Challenges and Chances-” was held in commemoration of the award for the members of NITech (faculties and students).

Reference: Conferred on Dr. Peter Greil Honorary Doctor in NITech
On-demand Special Seminar 【On-the-university only】:「Peter Greil博士(FAU)による特別講演及び名誉博士称号授与式」(Now available on Moodle (Nitech OTM) )

Special Talk